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How women's stories change what power means in action

A Different Well:

Full Of Women’s Wisdom About POWER

Welcome to a different well full of women’s wisdom about power. Rather than define power with a single story, women have developed skills for balancing multiple narratives. These narratives prevent a paradox from becoming a power struggle.

  • Share true stories that illustrate how you see power
  • Drink from the stories of other women who use power to protect and connect rather than dominate and control.

Annette Simmons

Author of
Drinking From a Different Well:
How Women's Stories Change What

Power Means in Action

The Story Factor

Annette Simmons has travelled internationally while working with government, business, religious, and educational organizations. Her ability to deliver practical, easily implemented solutions when groups were antagonistic or deadlocked has gained her an international reputation in group dynamics.

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women’s perceptual agility

Drinking From A Different Well takes you on a self-awareness journey that affirms the value of women’s perceptual agility, recruits a more compassionate understanding of past struggles, and offers ideas to blend competitive and collaborative narratives.

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